Members Only Q&A Session 19th September

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Boris Vos, former Royal Netherland Marine, Sniper, Jungle Warfare and Combat Tracking Instructor, Leader Developer, Good Bloke.

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'Rusa Rig' sent up by client from down country.

We had a great session last night – Mark sent through some questions that we discussed and I wandered off into near philosophy land. The full video can be found below.

Same again next month! Thanks again for the ongoing support.

Subjects discussed:

  • The THLR Reticle and it’s practical used
  • Delta (and other) reticle designs that deviate from a simple repetative design
  • The Metric Wind Formula (Gun Number, Speed Wind Formula)
  • Projecticle weight – heavy vs light
  • Gun Weight – what is the best field gun weight?
, Members Only Q&A Session 19th September

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