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The Power of Presence: How Fathers Can Teach Their Daughters About Mindfulness

Entering the world of parenthood as a single dad, you undoubtedly encounter numerous joys and challenges. One challenge may be teaching your daughter about mindfulness - a key to good mental health.

Unmasking Christmas: Exploring the Pagan Origins and Early Traditions

Pulling back the mistletoe on the origins of Christmas, you'd find a delightful weave of cultures, traditions, and beliefs spanning thousands of years. History bears witness to the numerous rituals and festivities, some of which have been subtly woven into the fabric of what we now know and observe as Christmas. The crux of this article aims to throw a spotlight onto these diverse sources of the Christmas tradition. 

Is it Safe to Swallow Gum? Busting Myths and Understanding the Science for Kids

So you've just enjoyed a minty stick of gum, but you're not anywhere you can easily dispose of it. The temptation arises - what if you...

A Kids Guide to Cooking Perfect Spaghetti

I recently told my nine-year-old that she was in charge of dinner.  I would act as sous chef and supply the ingredients, but she needed to decide what to cook. Her choice? Sausages and Spaghetti! What surprised me was that, while I regularly cook up Spaghetti Bolognese for the kids, it had been quite a while since I had done Sausages cut up as 'meatballs' in the sauce. It was a great idea, and we quickly set off to get the ingredients!

Did Orange the Color or the Fruit Come First?

Imagine sitting down to enjoy your favourite snack, a juicy, ripe, and sun-kissed orange. A thought pops into your head, a fun little riddle: what came first, the colour or the fruit named orange?

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