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Inflammation Reduction and Recovery Boost for BJJ Athletes Over 40: A Complete Guide

I hit 45 last year. Things change. As much as I wish it were still the case, I don't recover as quickly and am a little slower to get going. However, instead of pining for times gone by, it was time to start figuring out how to make the most of what I have now. My biggest thing - is recovery - and a prime candidate for optimising my recovery (or lack of it) - is inflammation.

Anxiety in a Coffee Cup: Understanding the Link and Finding Balance

I love coffee. It's fair to say I am highly addicted to it. However, I am also becoming more and more aware of how the stimulant affects my state of mind in the mornings once I have had a couple of cups. As someone who has been diagnosed with anxiety issues (namely PTSD) - I have to accept and acknowledge that caffeine doesn't help that. But - what to do about it? 

‘Upside Down’ Fishing Rod Guides: What You Need to Know and Why They Are Installed That Way

You've just purchased a new fishing rod, and the excitement of heading out on the water is coursing through your veins. As you inspect your new gear, you discover something peculiar. The guides — those little loops for getting your line from the reel to the tip of the rod — appear to be installed upside down. It looks 'wrong', and you wonder whether it's an accidental slip-up from the manufacturer.

Unlocking the Benefits of Radix: An Insight into the DIASS System and Overcoming Nutritional Stereotypes

You've come across Radix Nutrition and its innovative outdoor meals. However, you might have noticed a significant change in their offering. Radix has made the bold leap towards plant-based meal design, leaving some to wonder why they've ditched the meat. Before dismissing this as just another trend or a move away from 'tradition', let's dive deeper into the science, psychology and philosophy behind this pivotal shift.

Understanding Wind Terms for Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide to ‘Onshore’ and ‘Offshore’ Explained

I'll admit it. Despite working in a fishing store and having spent a fair amount of time outdoors (including doing weather forecasting seminars with MetService), I still get hung up on what some of the regularly used terms mean. So, as a sneaky way of educating myself about it (which is really what this entire website is about) - I wanted to research some terms and put together an introductory article for you here.

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