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Anxiety in a Coffee Cup: Understanding the Link and Finding Balance

I love coffee. It's fair to say I am highly addicted to it. However, I am also becoming more and more aware of how the stimulant affects my state of mind in the mornings once I have had a couple of cups. As someone who has been diagnosed with anxiety issues (namely PTSD) - I have to accept and acknowledge that caffeine doesn't help that. But - what to do about it? 

The Power of Presence: How Fathers Can Teach Their Daughters About Mindfulness

Entering the world of parenthood as a single dad, you undoubtedly encounter numerous joys and challenges. One challenge may be teaching your daughter about mindfulness - a key to good mental health.

Unveiling The Autonomic Nervous System Regulation: Simple Techniques & Huberman’s Insights Explained

I suffer from clinical anxiety. Essentially, this means there is a base level of anxiousness or nervousness that underlines everything I say and do. A level of unease that isn't explicitly tied to any situation or action - but colours my day-to-day experience.

The Digital Detox Experiment: Leaving Your Phone Behind

Let's talk about digital detox, shall we? Picture this — you're in a conversation, buzzing with energy, animatedly discussing your favourite band or the latest book you've read, and then you feel it. The all-too-familiar vibration in your pocket, an incoming notification. Your smartphone, the constant companion, beckoning for your attention, successfully throwing you off your game. And then there are those nights, when you tuck yourself in bed, promising 'just one more scroll on Instagram', that somehow mysteriously turns into two hours. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? 

So, what have I been up to?

Well. Hasn't a year gone fast? It's been nearly a year since I last posted on any of the sites or social media. It's not...

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