Guns & Suicide – an uncomfortable conversation.

This is a segment of a conversation with the legend that is Mike King. I have had some thoughts about the subject brewing in my head for the best part of a year now and was keen to start talking to some people about the subject.


Mike King was a logical first choice – his work relates to it, though we (the firearms community) have their own take that needs to be discussed.

I am hoping to talk to a few other subject matter experts from all sides of the fence on this and create a bit of a mini-documentary – but also looking to include the chats separately as I record them – the intent is to stimulate more discussion about the subject.

Thanks to Mike for listening to me take a very long time to introduce this subject – as I mention in the video – I have a firearms licence, I have a dealers licence, and I go and see a therapist semi-regularly – I intend to see one more regularly as the year gets underway.

The point is, if you feel that talking to someone would be beneficial – hopefully way before thoughts of suicide even enter the discussion, then please, do so. It’s a tragedy to think that blokes are not asking for that help until it’s too late.