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Good Blokes - a show featuring, well. Good Blokes!

Mike Dyson from

Mike runs Good Blokes - a facilitator for a range of events and courses focused on well, building better blokes! While doing the research for the name change (which honestly, I had already set my...

Guns & Suicide – an uncomfortable conversation.

Mike King was a logical first choice - his work relates to it, though we (the firearms community) have their own take that needs to be discussed. I am hoping to talk to a few...

Rusty – on videography, business and more. After hours!

The original interview can be found over here - - but it really made more sense to have this part of the discussion as part of good blokes. We talk about Videography, but soon...

Mike King’s on a mission. We need to get on it with him.

And what a mission it is. In my talk with David Benefell, we talked about the necessity of men (and everyone really) to have a mission. It's really hard to get passionate about anything if...

Good Blokes – David Benfell from SSAANZ

We talk about his early career, dealing with the injury and rebuilding his life, the downtimes, finding the outdoors and hunting as a path to recovery, his new mission to help get other veterans...

Call of the Wild: Te Awaroa – a chat with the world developer.

The Bloke Network of Shows · Good Blokes - Interview With Kevin - world designer for Hunter: Call of the Wild - Te Arawoa As I do - I got in touch with the company...

I’m On A Boat!

I grew up around boats. As a kid, we had a batch up in the Coromandel, so many weekends were spent with my parents,...
Good Blokes, Good Blokes

How to avoid breaking your new rod

This article... Is one of a few 'help' articles that I write as part of my role as Service Manager at Marine Deals. I am...

My first experiment with Slow Pitch Jigging

Since my trip out with the lads from Okuma, my eyes had been properly opened to fishing without bait - using lures instead. Specifically, I...

Coastguard Boating Education Day Skipper Course

It's my nature to dive into things with both feet. So, as I got back into fishing, the notion of boating also came up,...

A work trip out to the squiggles.

I recently had the opportunity to head out with some of the lads from work on a 'training trip' featuring Okuma Rods, Savage Gear...

Five Tips to catch less fish.

Since getting back into fishing, I have realised my youthful naivety at the simplicity of Fishing. I have learnt that fishing is a much...

A litany of Errors.

Ah. They say every mistake you make just leads you closer and closer to success? I am well on the path then!

Drag Act – Installing Reel Silk Fishing Reel Drag Washers

Reel Silk is the latest in Drag Washer technology. Improving on the old style of felt and cross carbon drag washers. So - I did a...

On The Board!

As I have previously said - I am fairly new to all this - so trying different methods and places, learning as I go....

Better Fathers

Building Leadership in Kids

My kids are chalk a cheese, personality-wise. Both are extremely outgoing, a highly likely to wander up to anyone to say hello and ask them their name. On their own, one is timider, one...

Better Providers

I’m On A Boat!

I grew up around boats. As a kid, we had a batch up in the Coromandel, so many weekends were spent with my parents, on or around the family boat. But, we also sold...

Better People

The Feldon Rooftop Tent has gone. Why?

I purchased the Feldon Crows nest in 2017. Like anything, this resulted from a long bout of researching and pondering how to solve a problem. In this case, a quick set-up, mobile shelter for...

Firearms Education

This site does feature a lot of guns. In a relatively short period I have learn't a lot, and enjoy sharing that with others. While a lot of the content here is hunting flavoured - you might also enjoy Precision Shooter - another website I run focusing more on competition shooting.

Rifle Reports

Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-12×40

Exposed tactical turrets, solid build, nice optics, good price. What's not to like about it?

Range Day Prep.

Preparing for the next range day. New primers, new load development. Fireforming.

An overview of an awesome Sako Carbonlight / Swaro Scope setup…

The Sako Carbonlight remains one of my favourite lightweight factory guns. It's build quality is phenomenal, its function sublime. While I get to setup and shoot a vast array of firearms, I am always happy to see a Sako turn up, because, with the right ammo, it is going to shoot! This 6.5 Creedmoor was no exception.

What Cartridge for Deer?

The age old question. It’s usually made with good intentions – the new hunter, armed with $1k in the bank and a passion for shooting some deer just wants to know an easy answer, what rifle to buy. What cartridge?

Ten Safety Articles Every Hunter Should Read

Essentials LINK - Hunter Safety During the Roar The Roar is one of the busiest times in the NZ Bush for hunters, for obvious reasons - this article is a good overview of the considerations and conversations...

Gun Storage: Compliance Complacency

Maybe it's the addition of children to the house or maybe the fact my day job is essentially a compliance officer. But these days I often see cases where there is a danger of us deciding as individuals and then as a society that good enough is, well, good enough.

Clean / Dirty Bore

Cold Bore, Clean Bore, Dirty Bore. Like so many other aspects of shooting, you can read a million different opinions by people online about how the state of your rifle barrel is going to affect your shooting.

What is the best gun for city folk getting into hunting?

I get to shoot a large variety of rifles - different calibres, brands, stocks, suppressors and more. Each has its own benefits (and drawbacks). The more I shoot them though, the clearer it becomes to...

Lever Action Rifles

It’s simple. You pick up a lever action and you feel like a cowboy. A revolution when it happened. The lever action rifle is now so intertwined with the lore of the cowboy. You can’t help but want to start swaggering the moment you pick one up.