Unveiling Tomorrow: Reflections on ‘Homo Deus’ by Yuval Noah Harari

"Homo Deus" is Yuval Noah's 2015 book, following "Sapiens" from 2011 (first published in Hebrew, then later, in 2015 in English). I first read Sapiens...


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Better People

Bush Bash – Off Track Navigation

Like any skill, off track navigation needs to be practised. If you don't, you start to forget basic concepts and you simply get slow and rusty.

Better Providers

Sika Hunting – Kaimanawas – May

The best part of a week Sika Hunting in the Kaimanawa ranges.

Better Fathers

Is it Safe to Swallow Gum? Busting Myths and Understanding the Science for Kids

So you've just enjoyed a minty stick of gum, but you're not anywhere you can easily dispose of it. The temptation arises - what if you just swallowed it? Your mind might quickly flash to the...