Unveiling the Art of Negotiation: An In-depth Review of Chris Voss’s ‘Never Split The Difference’

Never Split The Difference gives us a peek into Voss's thoughts and strategies. As you delve into the pages of his writing, you can almost picture the high-stakes scenarios that honed these tactics, and it's this intense realism that sets his book apart. 


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Buck Taylor Track – Pararaha Stream Circuit

Head up from Gibbons Track, through Muir Track and onto Parahara Valley Track, then heading up the un-maintained Parahara Stream Circuit, coming out onto the Odlin Timber Track and staying at Odlins Number 2 Campground.

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Fishing Rigs for Kids

One thing I have learnt is that time is valuable when it comes to kids. The time you spend with them.The time you don't.The amount of time you spend fluffing around sorting out fishing...

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The Power of Presence: How Fathers Can Teach Their Daughters About Mindfulness

Entering the world of parenthood as a single dad, you undoubtedly encounter numerous joys and challenges. One challenge may be teaching your daughter about mindfulness - a key to good mental health.