Triggernometry Show

Hunting Ethics, Safety and Distances. A conversation.

Long range hunting, hunting conservation, discussions with Vegans - all covered. It's a great listen. If you enjoy it - also make sure you are...

A chat with Caylen Wojcik

Caylen Wojcik is a face that some of you will already know quite well. I first came across him in the extras section of the...

A chat with Ryan Cleckner

Ryan Cleckner, potentially the most recognised, least known man in the firearms industry!

Mark Bridgman – Sika Show, Sika Foundation, Hunters and Habitats.

A great interview with a man doing a lot in the background that benefits all NZ hunters.

Interview with Matt & Steve from Twin Needle

The guys (and girls) at Twin Needle are one of the premium services for repairs and modification of outdoors equipment in NZ. Even if it's not their own in house product, there is a good chance if you send it out to get repaired - it is going to end up at Twin Needles Factory.

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