6mm Creedmoor Small Primer Peterson Brass

While I shoot a lot of factory ammo (mainly in clients rifles) for the comp gun, where I potentially will be shooting 100 rounds...

Is premium hunting ammo worth it?

Depends, I guess. Do you want to miss less?

Evaluating your reloads – OCW Load Testing

People reload their own cartridges for a variety of reasons. For some it is financial, some it is because you can't source the ammunition any other way and for some because they want to maximise the performance of their firearm.

Range Day Prep.

Preparing for the next range day. New primers, new load development. Fireforming.

Disposing of ammo: Lyman Kinetic Bullet Puller

At some point you are going to have ammo you want to get rig of. The Lyman Kinetic Bullet Puller.

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