Unravelling the Mystery of Guy Lines: A Primer for Beginner Campers

Have you ever been wrestling with a tent and its rogue guy lines during your first camping adventure? If so, fear not; you are not alone. What are these crisscrossing cords for, and how do we use them correctly?

Unravelling the Secrets of Tent Waterproofing

Have you ever challenged the elements and decided to spend a night in a tent? Maybe you've noticed there are different kinds of tents out there, and it's not always easy to know which one is the best for you. A tent's waterproof rating - often measured in millimetres (mm) - indicates its ability to withstand water pressure. The higher the number, the better the tent can keep you dry in the rain.

First thoughts on the Led Lenser P3 Core Torch

As anyone who occasionally finds themselves in the dark, we all know how having a handy source of light is. Dark pockets in a car, under a desk, close up work down a tube of some kind. Normal stuff you find yourself involved in. That brings me to my recent purchase - the P3 Core Torch. I got it to replace my last EDC (Every Day Carry) pocket torch that I unfortunately misplaced. 

Explained: Tents and Moisture – Waterproofing, Seam Sealing, and More

Have you ever bought a new tent with the confidence that you'll remain bone dry because the label said 'waterproof'? Well, guess what? These labels can be a bit misleading. As new campers, we tend to assume that a tent, labelled as waterproof, will shield us entirely from water. However, the reality is a bit more complex and less cut-and-dried than that. While tents are designed to withstand weather elements, they're not entirely waterproof. 

The Digital Detox Experiment: Leaving Your Phone Behind

Let's talk about digital detox, shall we? Picture this — you're in a conversation, buzzing with energy, animatedly discussing your favourite band or the latest book you've read, and then you feel it. The all-too-familiar vibration in your pocket, an incoming notification. Your smartphone, the constant companion, beckoning for your attention, successfully throwing you off your game. And then there are those nights, when you tuck yourself in bed, promising 'just one more scroll on Instagram', that somehow mysteriously turns into two hours. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? 

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