Do I need to zero my rifle in meters or yards?

I get asked this question semi-regularly - which then often leads to a discussion about MOA vs MILS - as there is still a...

Shotgun Wads – a conservation conundrum.

I initially thought it was someone pissing around on the beach with a shotgun. Not ideal. The wads were all in the same general...

Stepping out. Exploring your backyard.

I realised this, having decided to go for a wander (one of very few) outside the house this morning. I live overlooking the Botanical Gardens...

Getting started hunting – finding others

While some of us grow up around hunters, it's part of the family tradition, or, you happen to know hunters - many don't. Especially...

Hunters – be prepared this Roar.

The Roar has just started, and already we have a hunter being pulled out of the bush.

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