Questions For Dad

Did Orange the Color or the Fruit Come First?

Imagine sitting down to enjoy your favourite snack, a juicy, ripe, and sun-kissed orange. A thought pops into your head, a fun little riddle: what came first, the colour or the fruit named orange?

Were Olaf’s Fun Facts correct?

Get ready to embark on a fun fact journey with the guileless and lovable little snowman from our favourite flick. Yes, that's right, we're talking about Olaf! Famous for his heartwarming (but thankfully not melting) quips and sagacity, our icy friend also shares quite the array of 'facts' throughout the film. But are these tidbits from Toontown genuine or just thawed out fiction? Well, isn't that what we're about to find out? Let's don our detective hats and give Olaf's 'fun facts' a proper reality check, shall we?

What does “touché” mean?

I love being asked questions by the kids that challenge me. Recently, my younger daughter responded with "touché" - it was the wrong context, so I said, "good word!" and asked if she understood the meaning. Of course, she said no, can you tell me.

Why does asparagus make my pee smell?

Another recent question from the kids is one I am sure we have all asked ourselves at some point - why does Asparagus change the smell of your pee?

What is Guy Fawkes?

Sitting on our back balcony wrapped up under a down quilt, the kids and I watched the fireworks exploding over South Auckland, and I got the standard questions. As I do, I figured I would do some research to get a more complete answer, and here we go!

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