The 5-25 Z5 is NOT a long-range hunting scope. Kinda.

It makes sense - it's a 5-25 - surely that's a long-range scope! Well. Not really. You see, there is a really big gotchya with this scope.


Oh, where to start.

First, to make this clear – this article in no way is bagging the Swarovski Scopes – in fact, they are some of the best glass in the industry – however – I have come across a couple of setups now, where the owner has looked through the Z5, or seen them being used (like, on TV) and decided it would an awesome option for long-range hunting. It’s light, great glass, and has a big zoom on it. Some even advertise the scope as such.

First of all. You need to define long-range. These days, 500 meters, is the beginning of long-range. If you are not looking at shooting past that – then yeah, this is a prime option. Looking to go a bit further though? Like on a 300WIN or 7mmRem? You are about to find out why that takes a little more thinking through.

Now, ignore my last comment on 40 MOA. You won’t need all that. I explain why in the members content.

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In this article – how a canted rail begins to solve the problem – but finds another.

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