Mark Bridgman – Sika Show, Sika Foundation, Hunters and Habitats.

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, Mark Bridgman – Sika Show, Sika Foundation, Hunters and Habitats.

A man of many talents, many projects and plenty on his plate. Mark Bridgman is the man behind the Sika Show as well as being heavily involved in Hunters and Habitats and the Central North Island Sika Foundation.

Mark also has an extensive background in reloading – and we will likely get him on again in the future to talk a little bit more about the ‘black art’.

This is a great interview, as I state at the begging, even, and maybe, importantly, urban/metro hunters need to be just as involved as our rural counterparts in the management and maintenance of the herds that we seek to hunt. This then extends out to the environment that they live within.

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