Starting to sort the recovery rig…

After my recent requirement to help dig/pull a couple of lads who had managed to get themselves stuck in the Coromandel - I thought it was well over time to start sorting out the recovery gear for the truck.



While I have carried some recovery boards and a method of digging for a long time – my ‘towing’ capacity has consisted of a tow rope and the towbar – not ideal for actual recovery work.

Maxtrax and a Shovel have been carried with me most of my time owning the Defender.

I am well aware that you should never try to recover anyone bogged down with a towpin/bar – so I was keen to at least sort the rear of the truck out properly – at least until I can get the long term plan for it underway (finances allowing!).

The long term plan.

Information overload!

There are already plenty of great resources out there for learning from – so I don’t intend to emulate them here – for example:


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