First thoughts on the Led Lenser P3 Core Torch

As anyone who occasionally finds themselves in the dark, we all know how having a handy source of light is. Dark pockets in a car, under a desk, close up work down a tube of some kind. Normal stuff you find yourself involved in. That brings me to my recent purchase - the P3 Core Torch. I got it to replace my last EDC (Every Day Carry) pocket torch that I unfortunately misplaced. 


Why a Small Torch is a Must-Have Everyday Carry

In this era of technology, where our smartphones boast a tool for seemingly every occasion – a Swiss army knife of the digital age, it might seem a bit archaic to suggest carrying a stand-alone torch. Besides your phone, you’ve also got your wallet, keys, and infinite recycled shopping bags to contend with. So, why should you add a small torch to your everyday carry (EDC)? Allow me to enlighten you, pun entirely intended. 

Firstly, while our phones are unquestionably handy, their batteries are not infinite. Consider a power outage, an unplanned night walk or any situation where prolonged use of light is needed. Do you want to sap your phone’s battery to illuminate your way? 

Moreover, a properly designed torch, like the P3 Core Torch, offers a significantly brighter and more focused beam than most phones, so you can light up that dark alleyway or peer into a deep, dark crevice without straining your eyes or risking a nasty surprise.

Then there’s the issue of durability. Your phone wasn’t built for rough-and-tumble conditions. Drop it in a muddy puddle, knock it against a hard surface, or give it to an enthusiastic toddler for an impromptu game of ‘throw and fetch’, and your light source might end up out of commission. Conversely, the P3 Core torch is shock and water-resistant, poised to weather the storm quite literally – rain, shine.

So, to sum it up, a small torch, like the P3 Core Torch, provides an independent, bright, durable, and possibly life-saving light source. If that’s not a valid reason to include it in your EDC, I’m not sure what is. Just don’t shine it in your eyes.

Unboxing the P3 Core Torch: First Impressions

The P3 Core Torch makes a fantastic first impression inside the sleek packaging, hinting at its robust and compact form factor. Right off the bat, you’re presented with a small, lightweight torch that boasts exceptional brightness – 90lumens output – significantly impressive for a tool of its size. Running on a single AAA battery, it runs for 6 hours on low power and is compact and light (42g).

With a simple click interface (button on the back of the unit) – you click through the three power levels and off again – I much prefer this to any twisty type setup. To change from the broad to spot beam – you pull the front lens out forward – an operation most LED Lenser owners will already be familiar with.

It fits perfectly in the pocket and doesn’t catch the hand if getting the keys etc out.

Overall – very impressed!

Illuminate Your Path with the P3 Core Torch

The P3 Core Torch impressed me with its stellar performance and durable construction. Remarkably lightweight yet solidly built, this torch disproves the old saying, ‘Small but mighty doesn’t apply to torches’—because it unquestionably does here. While carrying a separate torch might have sounded absurd in the smartphone era, the P3 Core Torch reminded me of a dedicated device’s irreplaceable utility.