Portion Pack Foods – Hungerbuster Combo Ration Pack


Portion Pack Foods

Portion Pack foods is a company based in Upper Hutt, New Zealand and they produce ration packs for a different range of uses and customers. Rather than freeze-drying their food, it is presented ready to eat – reducing fuss and preparation time, in exchange for an increase in weight. They offer four flavours, which includes BBQ Beef, Beef & Vegetable, Chicken Pasta & Vegetable and a Vegetarian Pasta Salad pack. Their ration packs have a 3 year shelf life, providing that the storage temperature is kept under 20 deg C. You can order the products on-line here. The tube of condensed milk that comes in these ration packs is a personal favourite of mine, it’s almost a vice. This might sound strange, but I do find their packs fun – because there is so much variety with each pack, you are always sifting through just to see what other goodies are in there! I have been talking to Duncan from Portion Pack a bit over the last couple of weeks, having the opportunity to try out a new product forthcoming from them. Nice guy.

Ration Pack don’t necessarily make all the food in the packs, for example; The plain sweet biscuits are Arnott’s Nice Bikkies, and the cream crackers, are, well, Arnott’s Cream Crackers. Though I am not sure of the brand, the muesli is a decent serving size – though remember to leave some skim milk over if you want it for your coffee or tea afterwards.


One thing worth noting at this point – and I have come across this before – white discolouration on the chocolate. In short, it’s not necessarily bad – it is called bloom. I also ended up getting the ‘menu’ wrong – so if you try this ration pack just make sure you eat one of the noodles at lunchtime. Otherwise, you will get hungry. Overall though, these are good packs. The majority of the ration pack is the same and the only difference between the four different varieties is the main meal. I might try to see if I can get hold of all the ‘mains’ separately to do a taste test. The BBQ Beef was certainly good. So no worries there. Of course, what you prefer will also come down to personal taste.

So, in summary – the weight of a days worth of food is 1.1kg. It’s more than enough to keep you feed, and also, keep you interested, with a bit of variety. Would certainly have no problems eating these. The weight for tramping is a bit high – but in the case of vehicular transport – no worries.

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