The Tuatara UTV


As an unexpected bonus to the PSNZ22 Competition weekend, the guys at Tuatara NZ kindly lent us one of their new UTV units to blip around the COF and set up targets. To say it made life easier would be an understatement, but it was also a good opportunity to take one of these ‘mini-hummers’ for a test drive, of sorts.

So, we loaded it up, got in the cab and went for a drive. And drive it did!

First Impressions

This thing is a unit! First impressions were as stated above – this thing is like a mini hum-vee! Its beefy design and build makes it instantly appealing as a work vehicle – you just get the sensation it’s going to take a beating and keep on going.

We were carting one of Matt’s highly elaborate target designs around the field – up a hill, down some particularly dodgy terrain, around a herd of rabid cows – you get the idea. The target system strapped in the back, a pile of tools, targets and other pieces in the rear storage compartments and we were off!

The only thing that really would be good to change – is the fact it is a left-hand drive. Now, I figure this is because we are ultimately a secondary market for this Chinese made vehicle – but, we continuously were getting into the wrong side of the vehicle. I am sure you would get used to it, but, I would prefer not to have to.

The console itself is busy, but then that’s because there are a lot of features you can turn on or off – 2WD/4WD, Diff Locks, Lights, Fans and more – it amounts to a lot of buttons – which are a lot of fun to play with!

I have read that you can actually register this unit as road legal – though I do have to wonder if some kind of door would be required for this? At a couple of points the mud levels were getting up around the soles of the boots I was wearing, but the machine itself just trucked on, uncaring.

Despite us trying our best to get it stuck the Tuatara took it all in stride. As the sun went down, the lights went on, and illuminated half the countryside.

Compare to say the Polaris/Rangers – this just seems to be built bigger, heavier and with more intent. Would certainly love one on ‘staff’ permanently.

Hit us up for further info and pricing if you’re interested in making one of these bad boys your own

The details…

Tuatara UTV 1100 EFI

  • Final Drive: Shaft drive, 2WD & 4WD selectable, differential lock front & rear individually selectable
  • Tyres: 26 x 11-12 CST – high grip
  • Suspension (Front): Independent wishbone – adjustable
  • Suspension (Rear): Independent double wishbone – adjustable
  • Brakes (Front & Rear): Dual independent hydraulic disc brakes
  • Maximum Speed (kph): 70
  • Maximum Load Capacity – Rear Tray (kg): 550 Winch (kg): 1,360 (Front mounted)
  • Ground Clearance/Wheel Base (mm): 330 / 1840
  • Gross Weight / Net Weight (kg): 875/855
  • Physical Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm): 3270 x 1550 x 2065
  • Engine Model: Chery SQR472F
  • Engine Type: In-line vertical, 16 valve, four cylinder, water cooled, DOHC
  • Bore x Stroke (mm): 72 x 66.5
  • Displacement (L): 1.083
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5 : 1
  • Rated Power (kW)(hp): 50 / 67
  • Maximum Torque (N.m): 90
  • Fuel System: EFI (Petrol – 91 octane or greater)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 48
  • Starting: Electric (12 volt)
  • Cooling: Water (Radiator & thermo-fan)
  • Oil Capacity (L): 3.5 (With filter)
  • Engine Net Weight (kg): 80
  • Transmission: Manual – 5 Fwd. x 1 Rev.
  • Clutch: Hydraulic