Call of the Wild: Te Awaroa – a chat with the world developer.

I recently jumped into Hunter: Call of the Wild again for a play and surprised (pleasantly) to see there was a new DLC based in little ol' NZ!

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As I do – I got in touch with the company – who put me in touch with the world designer, to have a chat about designing a new world within a game, research, getting ‘compression’ right and much more. It’s a cool chat for anyone interested in learning a little more about game design, or, hunting in NZ. Check it out – and – if you have the game, the DLC is now out on PC, X-Box and PS4!

Quick Quide – and I guess a bit of a spoiler!

If you want to figure it out for yourself, don’t watch this great intro to the map. 😉

, Call of the Wild: Te Awaroa – a chat with the world developer.

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