GME handhelds – a quick into to my new radios.


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You would hope, if you have any interest in CB Radio, UHF Radio, 4WD Radios, whatever (no, that isn’t actually keyword stuffing, I just wrote it that way) – then you also know of GME. Australian company – been in the game for many years know a thing or two about making rugged radios for recreational and commercial use.

I knew I wanted to add a radio to the truck and get some handhelds. This was for a variety of reasons, from having a setup for hunting/tramping as well as 4wd use and just some general fun with the kids.

As is normally the case, I did some research online, found GME came out reviewed well time and time again and got in touch with them to see if we could organise something to test out and tell you guys about.

The folks at GME were nice enough to send over a TX6160 for the main handheld, and a pair of TX667s for the kids and secondary units.

I detail the whys more in the video. Check it out, and expect some more updates on them in the near future. We will also be covering off some radio basics, how they work, why they are useful in the day of cellphones and how I am using them.


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