Deer Processing Course


The Bloke’s first ever practical seminar was a morning course on processing and butchering a deer.

Richard at Balnagown was kind enough to host us and share some of his expert wisdom.

Ten lads showed up at the break of dawn to be met by Richard and his freshly shot Doe.


The deer was skinned and gutted, then during the morning tea break swapped out with another that had been hanging in the chiller for the last couple of days. The lads proceeded to cut the carcass up into the major muscle groups, then it was time to fire up the BBQ and throw some of the meat on the BBQ.

Feedback has been excellent, with everyone learning heaps. Congratulations to Mike for winning the set of SVORD butcher knives!

I already have a couple booked in for the next course and also have a few different things in the works. Is there anything in particular you would be interested in learning more about?