Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rest


All images thanks to Nicholas Johnson

A cheek rest, when correctly set up, allows for a solid, firm cheek weld when shooting. By now, you should understand the need for a solid cheek weld. If not, it might be time to sign up for one of our fundamentals workshops!

The Bradley Adjustable Cheekrest is a simple, but very effective product to help customise your rifle stock to your body build, without having to make any permanent alterations to your gun stock. You don’t need to tap or drill the rifle stock – so this makes the cheek rest ideal for rifles that you may be considering to re-sell one day. Also, if/when you do sell the rifle, the cheek rest simply comes off and gets reattached to something else. You might even find you can use the same rest on multiple stocks without having to make much in the way of adjustment. Easy!

We recently had a play with one of the units and have to say we were suitably impressed. Sure, you could make one of your own, but I doubt the build quality and finish would be to the same level.



Made out of Kydex, with decent velcro straps and hardware included – there isn’t much that could, or would brake on this design. It’s simple to install just velcro strap on tight around the buttstock. If you want more height, simply unscrew the top part, lift, and refasten. Once set you are unlikely to need to adjust again – unless changing to a rifle with a significantly different comb height.

The obvious comparison is to the THLR Cheek Rest  – which is made of fabric, offers a similar amount of adjustment and is nearly half the price. And really, it comes down to preference. There is a different feeling between the two – fabric or Kydex on the face – some will prefer the stiffer surface, some, slightly more give. It’s really hard to say if one is better than the other. There is also the difference in aesthetics.

Overall, it’s a very simple and elegant solution to the issue of getting the right cheek rest height. The question of upgrading from the duct tape and foam chunk, well – that’s one you will have to answer yourself.