Sighting in the Suppressor

I spent Sunday morning getting the X-Bolt sighted back in as preparation for a group hunt coming up next week.



I spent Sunday morning getting the X-Bolt sighted back in as preparation for a group hunt coming up next week.

I have just had a Hardy Gen 4 Suppressor put on it and therefore, it’s POI had shifted. Combine that with the fact that I had also just lapped and reinstalled the scope rings and so I knew the zero would shift. It had.

A couple of shots at the 25m let me know it had dropped a bit, so a couple of clicks up and we were good to go. So I thought. Switching to the 100m, and I was off the paper! Way too high as it turns out. I slowly took the dial back down into something resembling a group.

The Hardy Suppressor has made a hell of a difference. Really reduced the sound (obviously) – but also really reduced the amount of kick. A 7mm-08 isn’t the highest recoiling gun in the world, but now it’s getting close to being something I could plink away on all day (though a 22 is still going to be cheaper).

I managed to blow the neoprene cover off the end of the suppressor in one round, which is really just the result of me not paying enough attention between shots to the end of the barrel.

Another point of interest was the massive difference in groups between the Highlander and Norma ammo – you can see it on the photo on the right up top. Left is Highland, right is Norma Nosler. I would be happy to call that weird one on the right group a flyer… ruined a perfectly good group!

As is in my nature, I am making up my own targets – it was interesting to note – the black boxes made it virtually impossible to see impacts. However, the lines worked out well – I have printed them so each line is 1 click on the Z3 – i.e. 1/4 MOA. This means I can essentially look at the impact, and simply count across any required adjustments. It made re-zeroing the scope very easy.

I am still trying to get comfortable behind the rifle. I have just switched from a bag, which was too low for me, to a bipod, but just trying to get my natural point of aim sorted. Nothing that more range time won’t fix, I am sure.

I have just started reading “The Shooters Guide to Rifle Marksmanship” by Peter Lessler – which specifically focuses on practical shooting, already picked up a few points so I am keen to get back out and practise. Has anybody else read his book?