Ring Lapping with the Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit



Scope Ring Lapping is one of those things you may either think critical to the optimum operation of a scope, or it might just be something that you consider to be a waste of time. Either way, there is currently a lot of information out about it.

I have recently purchased some decent optics for my rifle, and wanted to make sure I was getting the best out of it. To me, lapping off the inside of the rings to ensure you get even surface contact makes sense, as does aligning the rings to ensure no undue stress is being placed on your sight.

Because I am mounting it onto a Browning X-Bolt – alignment didn’t seem to be much of a problem. The X-Bolts unique mounting system all but ensures the bases are going to be on straight – so, unless the rings are totally off, you should be fine to go.

Ring Lapping

Lapping the inside of the rings provides several advantages.

  • Less ‘Ring Rash’ – you don’t damage the surface of your nice new scope
  • Less stress on the scope itself by being pulled out of alignment, or being pulled in two different torque directions
  • Ensuring maximum contact between scope and rings

Be sure to go back and sight your rifle once you have completed ring lapping. It will more than likely shift your POA.

Ring Lapping may be something you consider. On a cheap plinker that never gets cleaned and generally gets bashed around – maybe not. But on a nice set-up which you expect to be accurate and perform at its best – why not? It’s not that expensive, doesn’t take that long, and you can do it yourself.