PracMed Stop The Bleed Course

Hopefully, by now, I have gotten across the importance of first aid training to all of you. This is not just for shooters or hunters, or parents (I had to hook some food out of my 4 years olds choaking face last night) - but everyone - knowing what to do is 'basic dude stuff' as Patrick McNamara would say.


This is important!

However, hopefully, I have also gotten across my dislike for the state of much of the first aid training on the market today. When I was still in the corporate role, I send the lads (for compliance) to a mainstream workplace first aid course. I went to one myself. Having previously been to outdoors and SARs training course – I was – frankly – dismayed as the state of what I was sending staff off to – and I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be relying on them should something major occur.

Ok, I admit it, I was just keen to have a play with Simon’s training toys!

And here is the pinch – some of us work in industries, where, should an incident occur – it’s got the potential to be seriously life-threatening. Engineering, machining, shooting, outdoors work – all have the potential for a common style of injury – massive blood loss. In fact, amputation is right up there on the cards as well.

Now, yes, machine guarding, safety rails, machine lockdowns all contribute to reducing the risk and hazard profile – but – at some point, things can go wrong. And having the skills to do something about it makes a world of difference.

Prac Med

Thankfully, there is at least one group out there who share the same thinking as me on this – and that is Simon and the crew at Prac Med. It’s not the first time I have spoken about them, and it won’t be the last.

Simon is a man on a mission, and it’s one that I intend to support however I can.

He is running courses up and down the country – and I would strongly suggest all of you get along to one.

The ‘Stop the Bleed‘ course is designed to, well, stop bleeding. Something that all hunters and shooters should at least be aware of. Hopefully, like carrying around a first aid kit – it’s a skill you hopefully never need to use but are going to be very happy to have, should you need it.

The course I went along to had a variety of people, with a variety of backgrounds along. A couple of lads, ex-military and working in areas like forestry, through to an office-bound accountant. All there for the same reason – the learn first aid that has direct, applicable applications.

What I love about these courses – is that Simon has invested in proper training equipment – namely those wound units that pour blood all over the place until you apply enough pressure and get packing. And pack you do. The hands-on element is definitely what separates the Prac Med course from anything else on the market.

Along the way, Simon’s knowledge and passion shine through, and he shares a pile of knowledge and practical application.

I really can’t recomend this course enough.

I need to check in with Simon, but I believe there are also things afoot in regards to NZQA certification – which – if he gets it sorted – would mean you could incorporate one of these courses into a workplace cert – and do away with the stuff old training other provides are still putting out there!