Hunters Element Vital Trousers

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So the hunt was on for some pants, that didn’t weigh me down or restrict me as I had always thought pants would.

Everything on the market seemed too bulky or heavy until I stumbled upon the Hunters Element Vital trouser.

, Hunters Element Vital Trousers

Built for purpose

It was soft, light-weight fabric, a straight (almost tapered) leg so it easily sits over my boot, but most importantly also fits under my already very snug gaiters. Win!

The fabric doesn’t “swish” together whilst stalking, another reason I had always thought pants were a clumsy option.
Hunters Element have labelled the pants a barrier layer, the fabric is scent guarded and rain-proof and I can easily wear thermals underneath on really cold morning hunts or around camp.

It has four pockets. Two of them are cargo style on the thigh and all with very slimline zips so weight is at a minimum.

, Hunters Element Vital Trousers

The one fault

If there was a fault with them, it would have to be the waist button which is a dome or push together type button. This can pop undone. I have since added two eyelet clasps to stop it from doing so.

I also have the furnace layer shorts with a button and buttonhole which in my opinion is the best option for clasping.

But all in all, I was so happy with them, I even bought a second pair!

, Hunters Element Vital Trousers

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