Harris BiPod and Pod Lock Fitting

This is just a quick vid showing how fast a Pod Lock and Harris BiPod attaches to a rifle.

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The Sako Carbonlight remains one of my favourite lightweight factory guns. It's build quality is phenomenal, its function sublime. While I get to setup and shoot a vast array of firearms, I am always happy to see a Sako turn up, because, with the right ammo, it is going to shoot! This 6.5 Creedmoor was no exception.

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I get to shoot a large variety of rifles...

This is just a quick vid showing how fast a Pod Lock and Harris BiPod attaches to a rifle.

I grabbed the BiPod after struggling the last couple of times at the range with rest bags – essentially – they are all too low for me.

I started out with a couple of buckwheat pillows stuffed into a cram-sack. Was alright – but not overly stable. Then, I grabbed a 15″ Bulls Bag to try out – a whole lot more stable, but so low that the butt of the stock was hitting the ground. Certainly didn’t need a rear rest. I will relegate that one to Bench Shooting.

Harris BiPod

Whether or not I take the Harris BiPod out into the bush with me remains to be seen – this rifle is still primarily a hunting rifle. The extra weight, combined with the upcoming suppressor, could make it a bit too front heavy.

Harris BiPod

More of a test/review once I have had a chance to shoot the Harris BiPod.

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