An overview of an awesome Sako Carbonlight / Swaro Scope setup…

The Sako Carbonlight remains one of my favourite lightweight factory guns. It's build quality is phenomenal, its function sublime. While I get to setup and shoot a vast array of firearms, I am always happy to see a Sako turn up, because, with the right ammo, it is going to shoot! This 6.5 Creedmoor was no exception.


The Sako Carbonlight in 6.5 Creedmoor

Love it. I have long been going back and forth between the Carbonlight and the FinnLight – and soon hope to have both up here to do a proper comparison. Being left-handed, it’s always a bit of a challenge to assess things on the ‘would I have one’ front – as I decided that my primary firearms would always suit the way I shot – left-handed. So, it was nice to have this rifle turn up as a leftie!

I know the video sounds gushy – but that is because I genuinely like these rifles, they are simply nice. Sure – cheaper rifles sometimes shoot as well, but they simply don’t feel the same in regards to smoothness of the action (many feel like a tractor in comparison) or the fit and finish. For some people this matters, for bush hacks, maybe not so much.

Well – simply put – this thing shot great as well!

Sako 120 Grain Barnes TTSX Ammo

First time using the solids, but, based on what is happening overseas, I can see it becoming more and more of a common thing or potentially even a requirement down here in NZ. As such, I am following with interest – and the owner of this setup is going to report on his result in regards to terminal velocity – I might see if I can sneak an animal in while I have his rig as well. 😉

The Sako Ammunition has continued to perform well for me, across the board, and these 120 Grain rounds certainly did as well. It’s a lighter projectile that many would consider for hunting, at least in NZ, and I think part of that is thanks to the influence of American thinking and marketing for the last couple of years when it comes to projectile choice.

However, the lighter Barnes TTSX has been designed to expand on impact – and modern designs have allowed us to get away with lighter calibres and lighter projectiles – just ensure you are hitting the animal with the required velocity to get the expected result.

100% copper, tipped, and very well performing in this gun!

Swarovski X5 5-25

Ah, another Swaro. It’s actually a love/hate relationship I have with Swarovski – because, despite having phenomenal glass, they just tend to do things a little differently that what I am used to, and it’s always held me back from investing in their higher end scopes for the bulk of what I want to do with them.

So – the glass is brilliant. Clean, clear, bright. The reticle, though stuck in SFP (I am a FFP kinda guy) is nice and fine, my preference these days. The clicks, definite, though I don’t quite understand while they don’t just call it MRAD or MIL – like the rest of the world does.

The scope adjusted exactly as I wanted it to (watch the video) and performed superbly.