Adequate, Ample, or Addiction?



This is my Dad’s gun collection.  I refer to it as his arsenal.  He is adamant each and every firearm has a purpose and he needs to own all 13.  My sister and I tease him that we know where to go when the zombie apocalypse finally happens.

That being said where do you draw the line?  Some of these guns hold sentimental value for Dad and he just can’t bear to part with them.  For instance his Bruno .270 he bought brand-new 35 years ago or his Grandfather’s side-by-side hammerlock shotgun.  The .270 still gets taken out on a regular basis but the hammerlock simply sits in the safe.

I can see the rationale for owning each gun on an individual basis.  .303, .270, .243, .223, and .22 are all useful calibres and each has their place dependant on the game and situation.  However, it’s when you start straying into the territory of owning 3 separate .270s (his Bruno, one for me, and a single shot) that you begin straying into a grey area.  Same with the shotguns.  Pump action 12 gauge, single shot 12 gauge, single shot 10 gauge.  Who needs that level of diversity?

Maybe, it’s me.  I’m not nearly as passionate about hunting as Dad is.  Maybe, if I was as dedicated as him I wouldn’t see the issue with owning this many rifles but without that level of devotion I struggle to wrap my head around it.

Nevertheless, as the years go by Dad is beginning to slow down and the idea of lugging around 3kgs of wood stock and bulky scope is becoming less appealing.  I think I need to encourage him to downsize his collection and invest in some quality, lightweight gear so he can continue doing what he loves into the distant future.

Everyone needs a hobby and as long as he’s safe doing it then who am I to pass judgement.

The Collection

  • Side-by-side hammerlock shotgun
  • Pump action 12 gauge
  • Single shot 12 gauge
  • Single shot 10 gauge
  • .303
  • .303
  • Bruno .270 (his)
  • .270 (mine)
  • Single shot .270
  • .243 (sister’s)
  • Single shot .223
  • .22 magnum with silencer
  • Pump action .22 Winchester