Hunters – be prepared this Roar.

The Roar has just started, and already we have a hunter being pulled out of the bush.

Getting it right – night nav in a little boat!

I recently spent the weekend up in the Coromandel - actually, amazingly, renting out the same bach that I spent many, many weekends at...

Summer Clothing Kit

I will happily admit that I like nice things. Additionally, I prefer quality of quantity (and variety) - I would prefer to have one, well made, well thought out item that nails everything I need to do, rather than multiple items that are all very good, but have one niggly weakness here and there.

GPS options for trail running and, well, anyone.

"Hey Bro, was after some advice. I’m looking at getting a GPS for trail running mainly & hunting. Ideally, it should be: Easy to use,...


Everyone knows Garmin. Deliverables Continuing a series of articles integrating product and knowledgeRepurposing of images for cross-promotion onlineInclusion into related articles on workflow

Raglan via the back roads!

It was time to head away on another mini-adventure. While not necessarily looking for narly trails, I did want to at least get off tar-seal. So, after a bit of research online, I decided on a trip down to Raglan via Port Waikato.

My Mighty Garmin Fenix 3 Review

It's not the cheapest of watches, but it has given me what I wanted, a GPS, a timepiece, temperature record and stopwatch. There are some things I would change functionality wise - but that is more a result of a different way of thinking about usage rather than any shortcoming of the watch itself.

PLB’s – Personal Locator Beacons

More than likely, you will actually end up carrying several communications devices, but here is my personal opinion.

The Kaimanawas

No deer, but as always learnt plenty.

An update on the Garmin Tactix.

A couple of weeks ago I went on a bit of a rant about my Garmin Tactix.