Radix Updates – new names, new products!

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I was recently ordering some new Radix Products. I find having some handy around the house a good option when I am hungry and reaching for a lazy snack. Instead, I can grab either a full meal or one of the awesome new smoothies and instead eat something that is good for me!

I noted that Radix has had a bit of a facelift – some new ranges, or more specifically, range names have popped up on the site.

In short:

The Performance Range will become the Original Range.

The Expedition Range will become the Ultra Range.

The Performance Range is not just for athletes and adventurers but for every person looking to optimise their health and, subsequently, performance – whatever that may be for you. It comprises the fundamentals of nutrition for everyday health and is, therefore, the original nutrition solution. It comes in 400 kcal and 600 kcal serving sizes.

The Expedition Range is not just for expeditions, but for highly active, busy, or athletic individuals. This range is designed to provide high energy in an efficient and lightweight format. It also comprises the fundamentals of nutrition, but with a formulation for ultra-energy! It comes in an 800 kcal serving size.

I have always generally recommended the larger (Expedition – now Ultra) for trips where you are hiking the hills and the ‘lighter’ (Performance – now Original) for home and camping.

, Radix Updates – new names, new products!

A couple of other changes…

  • No O2 absorber – one thing less to forget about when making those late night, post hunt meals!
  • Thinner labelling & less plastic – smaller in the pack, less waste
  • Better packaging material structure – not that I have ever had an issue with explosions in the pack…
  • Packaging is now manufactured locally – good for the earth, good for us all

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