Overview – Ballistics ARC

I get asked a lot about what ballistic solver I use. The answer being, 'it depends'. However, Ballistics ARC is a mainstay in the apps folder - and in this video I explain why.

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In close, should I aim high or low?

I hear the comment quite regularly - 'I got in real close to the animal - but just couldn't seem to get the bullets to go where I was aiming - I was so close, I must have had to aim lower, right?' Well, no. If you aimed lower, there is a good chance you put a round under the animal - or worse still - into a leg. But why? Oh. Maths!

Ballistics ARC is a ballistic solver – you put in your firearm information, and it outputs the amount you need to dial your scope up to impact at a specified distance.

I give you an overview of the app, how I use it, and some considerations.

, Overview – Ballistics ARC


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