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I had a request for dinner, and figured it was a good excuse to get some practice in filming and editing some 'b-roll'.

Editing on the computer is something I can get very, very lost in.

Like most of us, screens can be a bit of an attention magnet – and I still spend the occasional night watching some mindless movie when the better option would be sleeping instead. But. I am getting better. I am also an on/off gamer – because I am aware of how much time I can lose on a game, just to finish and realise I didn’t really have anything productive to show for it.

Music production (in a previous life) and video editing, however, result in something I can ‘put out there’ and there is essentially a deliverable of some kind at the end. In this case, it’s really just an excuse to have a play with some editing features of Resolve – the current editing suite. I moved from the Adobe family around a year ago – having started playing with Resolve while working with RAW video files via Blackmagic on the Canon 5DMk III. Even though I don’t tend to bother with RAW video anymore (maybe if I get a Blackmagic Camera in the future) – I stuck with Resolve as I liked some of the colour grading (my current nemesis) features, and the fact that essentially Resolve is Premiere, After Effects and Audition all wrapped into one piece of software – no round trips, exporting and importing and so on. Oh. And it’s free! Though – the paid version is on the cards shortly as it will enable me to utilise the GPU processing power – and – I am keen to use the Motion Blur and DeNoiser that you only get in the Studio version.

Of course – I still use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop – so when I say ‘free’ – I am still paying for a suite of software… 😉

I can easily spend hours beavering away on an edit – like I did last night with this one. There isn’t really a point to it. And I was reminded of this video while putting it together. It’s closer to the practice of editing techniques that I hope to put into use shortly with some more content based video.

So, enjoy, and yes, it was delicious! Simple to made, and keep the little girls happy!

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