A work trip out to the squiggles.

Would I be interested in a mid-week trip out to Great Barrier Fishing? Why yes. Yes, I would.



I recently had the opportunity to head out with some of the lads from work on a ‘training trip’ featuring Okuma Rods, Savage Gear Lures and TT Tackle. The idea was to spend some time learning a bit more about ‘bait-less’ fishing – lure fishing and soft baiting.

For me, I have always fished with bait. It was how I was brought up, and never really had the opportunity to sure lures in action. This turned out to be a day of several firsts. First fish on a slow drop lure, first fish on a jig, first Kingfish, first fish on soft bait, also being my first Blue Cod.

The new job has been a crash course in fishing and fishing tackle (exactly what I wanted) – and it was awesome to get out on a boat and spend some time actually fishing!

Many thanks to Nick from Okuma, Mike from Ultimate Charters and the crew from work.

It’s certainly gotten me interested much more in the concept of lure fishing. I realised the next day my hands didn’t still smell of bait – I can’t say I stayed totally clean though.