Ten Safety Articles Every Hunter Should Read



The Roar is one of the busiest times in the NZ Bush for hunters, for obvious reasons – this article is a good overview of the considerations and conversations you should be having before you head out – especially if you are heading out in a group.

A reminder from Frank Ferguson on the seven rules of firearms safety.

A story of warning about the time I nearly cut my finger off with a machete. I did a really good job – getting halfway through the tip of my trigger finger. This article explores the actions (lemons) that led up to the incident.



A guest post from James Brown – discussing preparedness, what you should have on you at all times and why.

A follow up from my lemon article. The only reason I still had some finger left was, in my opinion, the leather gloves I was wearing at the time.

Love it or hate it, Blaze is here to stay and for important reason. Anything we can do to be differentiating ourselves from the animals we are hunting is a good thing – especially when the reality is, people are still out there shooting at nothing more than sound or movement.



Call it Buck Fever, call it Confirmation Bias, call it not positively identifying your target – why is it many guys get all giggidy when hunting?

One criticism of orange blaze is that during twilight, everything goes orange – but did you know, an hour later, everything goes blue?

Deerstalkers HUNT Navigation Course

Safety in the bush is not just about handling firearms. Many people simply don’t know how to navigate off track and it’s easy to get lost, even in areas you know ‘like the back of your hand’.

Head outdoors? Go do a first aid course – even though the MSC don’t offer this anymore – there are other places to get this vital information.