Ridgeline Deluge Anorak

There has been a trend in the last couple of years towards the notion of lightweight hunting.

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One area that always has potential for weight savings is the clothes you rely on.

Certainly, the traditional hunting ‘jacket’ has been a heavy, bulky affair. This is often due to the desire to have a brushed tricot outer to reduce noise. As this gets wet, it holds water.

For those of us who aren’t planning on stalking during a downpour (i.e. more than light rain) – there is another way.

Utilise a softshell, lightweight top for most duties and save the raincoat for then it really starts to downpour. Another option is to stop and put up the tarp when it really hammers down – but that’s another philosophy again.

Once you get rid of the need to have a silent out, you can go with a much lighter hardshell, that isn’t going to wet out as quick.

Enter the Ridgeline Deluge Anorak.

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