Lightweight Hunting: clothing


The final part in the series: part three – I discus the clothing I took out with me on my lightweight hunting trip.

Essentially, I was utilising Icebreaker Base Layers with Hunters Element on top.

I was trying out HE’s new Crucial Top – and was very pleased with the amount it breathed. Certainly – there was points where I would have had to take off other tops or jackets to vent heat – the the Icebreaker shirt, Prime Top and Crucial Top just seemed to be bang on when it came to the staying warm while stationary and not overheating while on the move. Very, very impressed with it.

I am thinking that in warmer times I might simply leave the merino shirt in the pack and that should be just right temp wise.

Overall, very pleased with the system – just need to remember to take my belt next time!