It’s Crabaggedon!

Well, the only thing I caught was crabs. Wait. What? Good yarns though.


I set up the new Shimano Baitcaster Big Long Cast on the Veritas and some Gemini Tackle – managed not to cast the rig straight into the water. Well done me!

Switching over to a shorter shock leader has stopped the massive guide rattle I was getting on casting – as far as I can tell, I am still casting it upwards more than outwards. As it turns out – a recent meeting has introduced me to a competitive surfcaster – so headed out with him soon to get some tips and tricks. All gear, no idea kinda sums me up at the moment – but really enjoying the process of trying things and learning.

Was using frozen bait again this trip – I have figured out a better methodology of rigging it up – involving looping the hook and leader through the eye cavity – giving it a much better hold for casting – though – I can help but wonder if I am actually using a too larger hook and bait for the area. Maybe whole pillies aren’t the go.

Also had a play around casting a slice lure with the 7″ into the surf – I actually spotted a large fish in a small channel that filled up as the tide came in – was spot fishing it – but didn’t hook up.

As always though – was just awesome to be out there – stunning evening out – incredible sunset. Good times!