On The Board!

Finally - something landed off the beach! As usual - a couple of good rants as well. Fishing off the beach at Kariotahi and fishing off the boat in the Hauraki Gulf!


As I have previously said – I am fairly new to all this – so trying different methods and places, learning as I go. This trip, which was a doubleheader in the end – managed to land some ‘bait’ than then converted to food the next day.

To be fair – as it turned out – it would have been more efficient to just keep and eat the ‘bait’ – but – that’s fishing!

While I was out, got buzzed by the police, pondered a few things, had a few ‘stream of consciousness ponderings – the normal!

Let me know what you think of the longer format – I realise this isn’t forming into your normal ‘fishing channel’ – with a pile of B Roll from a drone, some ‘future bass’ (i.e. dubstep) tracks, and quick cuts of fish being pulled up. I talk a lot more – but have also realised – that is much the same as the kind of channels and videos I like to watch.

Hopefully, I can provide something a little different – a bit more of a longer format, slower pace, and heavier on the content and chat – though – I am sure once I get a drone, there will be a bit more B Roll as well!

Anyhow. I hope you are enjoying the summer like I am – getting out, spending time with the kids, getting some fishing in where you can!