How do I renew my firearms license?

A person who is the holder of a firearms licence may, before the expiration of that firearms licence, apply for a new firearms licence.

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One of the most common questions I get asked is, ‘how do I renew my firearms license’ – unsurprisingly, it’s right up there with – ‘how do I get my firearms license‘.

Well, I already have an article on that, but there is a little confusion about the process out there at the moment, especially with the changes in the application process and the incorporation of a new practical element.

Renew or Reapply?

(3) A person who is the holder of a firearms licence may, before the expiration of that firearms licence, apply for a new firearms licence.1

So, technically, there is no such thing as a renewal. You are reapplying for a licence.

As such, much of the process is the same.

  • Download and fill in the form – available here
  • Pay the application fee at a local postshop ($126.50)
  • Get two mugshots of yourself
  • Deliver all this to the police (I would suggest your local arms-office) – make sure you take:
    • Your application
    • Proof of payment
    • Two recent passport-style photos
    • Three documents to prove your identity
    • Your existing firearms licence
  • Once this is lodged, the AO will contact you to organise an interview and security check
  • An AO will come out, interview you and your references (just like the first time) and check your security is still in place
  • While the AO is there, when reapplying, you will get asked a series of questions that you can find on the back page of the application form
, How do I renew my firearms license?

The theory test and the new practical training

The biggest question I get asked – is, ‘when I ‘renew’ my licence – do I need to go through the practical training?’

No – there is currently no requirement to do so, nor do you have to sit the theory test.

When reapplying for the license – you instead have to answer the questions on the back of the application with an AO.

So. The process is very similar to a new application; however, instead of the theory and practical test, you answer the questions for the AO during the interview.

Worth Noting

This is the process if you have a current firearms licence and want to ‘renew’ or reapply for a new one while the existing one is still valid2 – if you let the licence expire or, you have the licence taken away from you – you may be required to go through the full process.

  1. Section 23(3)added, on 1 November 1992, by section 8 of the Arms Amendment Act 1992 (1992 No 95). 

  2. get in early folks! 

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