Hitting the Bar – A day fishing in the Manukau.

A great trip out over the Manukau Bar to fill up the freezer! Didn't get out limit, but ran out of space in the chilly! Thanks to Keith for the day out!


After a bit of a miss-start in the morning – we got out over the bar around mid-day for a full-on couple of hours fishing in the Manukau. Within minutes of dropping our first baits we were on, and continued to pull fish in until the chilly bin was full (will have to take the bigger one next time!) the turn of tide brought with it the end of the bites and we headed back in to clean the boat and fish.

A great day out and the first of hopefully many over the summer period!

It’s a small reprieve after months of lockdown, but it felt good to be out under the beautiful NZ sun – even if the stomach gave up the ghost towards the end.

An idea is forming for a new twist on a fishing show as well. 😉

Big thanks to Marine Deals for constantly replacing all my lost tackle and GME For keeping us safe!