Skippers Canyon, Queenstown

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The plan

Photography Tour of Skipper Canon, Queenstown

, Skippers Canyon, Queenstown

Hosted through Queenstown Heritage Tours, the ‘Unforgettable‘ Tour provided as an alternative to the adrenaline pumping pursuits Queenstown seems to be overly obsessed with.

, Skippers Canyon, Queenstown

This was an excellent tour, in our case lead by an extremely knowledgeable guide, Arthur, who seemed to know a limitless supply of stories about the area.

, Skippers Canyon, Queenstown

Highly recommended – check out more reviews at Trip Advisor.

, Skippers Canyon, Queenstown


Location: Skipper Canyon, Queenstown

Grade: Easy – Vehicle based tour

Distance: –

Time: 4 Hours

Party Size: 2

, Skippers Canyon, Queenstown

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