Motorbike Tyres – Battlax BT-45

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, Motorbike Tyres – Battlax BT-45

The Harley needed new tyres. The one thing I wasn’t totally sold on and was actually quite nervous about when riding home from Palmerston North (in the wet, and high winds) was performance of the existing tyres.  They were just the stock standard Harley Davidson Motorbike tyres, and basically, they sucked. They had already had a flat spot worn into the rear tyre, and road markings guaranteed a loss of traction. Not cool for a new bike.

So. New tyres. A not so quick review of the Motorbike Tyre options out there kept on popping up two models – the Bridgestone Battlax BT-45, and the Metzeler ME880 Marathons.

I decided on the BT-45’s in the end. Reading online about motorbike tyres, they sounded like they would have the edge – particularly in the wet. Considering I ride wet or dry, this was a big selling point.

So, I put these on at 13,500 kms. Now nicely scrubbed in motorbike tyres. Have a rear end I can trust again – I will keep you updated on how they wear.


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